Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ninja Weapon: Not For Kids!

As a parent, I am vigilant about things that can influence my son in a good or bad way. Like my husband, I am very concerned about the media and community where he can be exposed to violence. 

During one of our trips to the mall, we found this in the toys section of a novelty store.

 My husband showed this to me, and I actually thought it's a plastic template or stencil that our kid can use in his Art Club. I looked at the label and then I realized what it is: Ninja Weapon!

It looks harmless right? But this is much like a brass knuckle that gangsters use when they get into gang fights. Yes, it's giving me shivers now just thinking about it.

 It's made out of plastic and very handy --- who will even think it can be a lethal weapon? What's scarier is that you can keep it in your bag and pass through metal detectors in airports and malls. If a security guard will see this in your bag, do you think he'll know it's a kind of a restricted weapon?

 It's just a small piece of plastic but try poking your arm with it. I felt a sharp pain when I did it, can you think of how much damage and harm it can do when it is used as an instrument of violence?

I'm hoping and praying that this will not get into the wrong hands and encourage violence. 


  1. yikes! it may just be a toy, pero it can still be quite dangerous lalo na for kids... hopefully he won't hurt himself with it... :)

    (saw your blog on femalenetwork... ^^)

    1. Sis, we didn't give it to our kid. :( Really dangerous isn't it!

      Btw, i followed your blog too :)