Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cowhead Black Cocoa Biscuits with Hazelnut Cream

Imagine the delightful shriek I made when I saw this in the grocery --- Cowhead Black Cocoa Biscuits with Hazelnut Cream

Mmmmm! I love anything with hazelnuts, primarily because of my love for Nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that I can eat with almost anything.

Its exterior looks like an Oreo cookie's - crispy and chocolatey. The filling tastes really good!

But unlike the Oreo cookie, you can't twist it and lick the filling! It will just break :(

Who cares about calories? Ha ha!

Now this, Cowhead Black Cocoa Biscuits with Hazelnut Cream, will always be included in my grocery list. It costs 150 pesos and can be found in the imported goods section.

And guess what? There is another variant of this. I came across the blog of Sassy Chef and she tells about the Cowhead Black Cocoa Biscuits with Cheese Cream filling. I can't wait to taste this too! 


  1. i saw that in the grocery, i should've bought one.

  2. mmmmmmm... Hazelnut... and agree ako dun sa part ng Nutella... haha!