Saturday, September 22, 2012


For more than 7 years now, I have been receiving all kinds of freebies through promotions of local companies here in the Philippines and also by signing up in websites from other countries. This year (2012) alone, I received a lot of freebies and giveaways. Take a look here:
Belle de Jour Planner, Nan Milk for Kids, Asian Secrets Body Scrub, Aqiva Milk for Kids, Enercal Milk for Adults,  Gift pack from Glad, Toblerone chocolates 

Progress Gold Milk

Cetaphil Cleanser

So last week, I received a registry notice from the Post Office. I knew right away that the parcel waiting to be claimed there is probably one of those freebies I signed up for, either in a Facebook page or a website that sends out freebies worldwide.

I dreaded going to the Post Office because I was thinking of the local tax that I will have to pay, and based on my experiences in claiming parcels from abroad, I had to pay hundreds of pesos for the tax plus the "tip" you have to give to the persons in charge there.

This is what I got:
A freebie!!!

The parcel is from Belgium, and luckily, I only paid 40 pesos for the tax. The lady in the parcel section is very nice and she didn't show any sign of hinting for a "tip"!

Inside is the free Drinking Straw Glasses I got from this site. Hopefully the offer is not yet expired! Go get it!

Wahvu loved it! He used it immediately when he saw the Drinking Straw Glasses. Although it's a bit hard to clean it afterwards, nothing beats the great feeling when you see that happiness from your loved ones.

And that is one of the reasons why I sign up for freebies!

Will post soon of freebie links! Good luck and leave me a comment when you get one.


  1. this is bookmarked! :D ang dami nyan sis nakakatuwa :)

  2. Wow sis! Sana nga makapag-post ka ng links ng freebies sites. :P