Thursday, October 25, 2012

Homemade Face and Body Paint for Halloween and Parties

We are going to Wahvu's Halloween Party in school today. There is a special prize waiting for the kid who will come in the scariest costume, which made Wahvu eager to join the contest.

Wahvu has chosen to dress up as Toshio, the Japanese boy in the thriller movie Ju-on: The Grudge.


Hubby and I considered buying a white body paint to cover his face and whole body. But my kuripot side nudged me and whispered, "Homemade na lang". Hmmm, why not?

I searched online and after compiling many pages of DIY Body and Face Paint tips, here's what I finally came up to.


6 teaspoons cornstarch
3 teaspoons cold cream
3 teaspoons water

Place the cornstarch in a clean plastic container. Then add the cold cream, and then the water.

(I used Pond's Ageless night cream as substitute for the cold cream because it's the only thing I found in the grocery. Heck, the Pond's cold cream that I remember is the one that my mother used nightly when I was a little girl! I wonder if they still manufacture that one.)

I mixed the ingredients and here's the result.

A sweet-smelling (the scent must be from the night cream) sticky goo with thick consistency that glides on smoothly when applied to your skin. And it can be wiped with a wet cloth and washed easily with water.

Let's see what happens later, still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Wahvu won't throw a tantrum later. ☺

To read more about homemade body paint and see my source, click here.

Got any DIY tips to share with kuripot mommies like me? Feel free to share!


  1. Wow! Hope to see a picture of your son as toshio...

    re: question

    I made a DIY glass table cleanser. It was just made of 1/3 water, 1/3 vinegar and 1/3 isoprophyl alcohol. =)

    1. Hi Nova! No pictures of Toshio was taken that day, let's just say that it wasn't one of Wahvu's best days yesterday ☺

      Thanks for the tip, I'll do this DIY glass table cleanser!

  2. Very timing! My daughter will perform a zombie dance in their school's halloween party on Monday, and I'm thinking of something to use to whiten her face for the black makeup to stand out. Now I know :) Thanks for this tip.

    1. Hi Sassymomonthego, I suggest that you do a "dress rehearsal" of her face paint prior to the event. This DIY face paint is wet and sticky, try applying it on your daughter's face first so she'll know what to expect ☺

      You can also make different colors by using food coloring that is used in baking.

  3. Was this for you Mommy? I'm still at loss on what to dress up Jacob for trick or treat next week. My husband suggested na face paint na lang but he has sensitive skin so I'm looking for home made also. :)

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    1. Yes, I totally agreed with you now are a days people are very conscious about the health and your given information reminds my about my childhood when i also participate in the such kinds of festival.

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  6. Home made ideas are always good and simple to adopt.