Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Bumper Sticker "World Peace Before 2021"

I received a very nice freebie in the mail recently. It's a one of a kind freebie from child peace activists promoting World Peace before 2021. 

Erika Kollist, 14 years old, and her brother Axil, 12 years old, have been distributing these free bumper stickers for six years now. A big achievement for them, don't you think so?

Visit their website here to learn more about Erika and Axil Kollist, and their quest for World Peace.

Like the World Peace before 2021 facebook page here.]

Please follow Axil Kollist in Twitter.

Free Bumper Sticker (as of now they can print the stickers in different languages)

Free Treasured Peace Button (I haven't availed of this yet)

You can also subscribe to their Youtube videos here.

Thank you Erika and Axil!

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