Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cafe Via Mare

One of the best things I look forward to when Ate or Kuya comes home from abroad is our dining experience in a Filipino restaurant. Surely they must have missed everybody, and all these delicious Pinoy dishes while they were away, so when there's a chance for our get-together like this I make it a point not to miss it! 

Last night we went to Cafe Via Mare in Eastwood to have my sister-in-law's post birthday celebration, and also to be with Kuya who just arrived a few days ago. ☺

We were seated outside at the veranda area, a good seat if you like people watching while waiting for your food to be served. Hehe. Actually saw some local celebrities and models pass by. Don't sit here if you don't like cigarette smoke, for this is also a smoking area.

Take note of the "Fresh Oysters Available Here" and "We Deliver twoanyone 2121212" signages.

Food is served in 15 to 20 minutes, so the kids kept themselves busy with some cool tattoos from the October issue of K-zone magazine. Nice di ba?

First to be served is Dinuguan, the favorite dish of Nanay. I think it's shredded pork, but I'm not so sure as I didn't eat much of it. I tasted the sauce and perfect ang pagka-asim nito!

Next is Laswa, a vegetable broth with shrimps, and this really brought back memories of Tatay who used to cook dishes like this. The combination of okra, eggplant and malunggay is superb. The kids thought it's Sinigang na Hipon at first but they nevertheless liked it anyway.

Our meal with Kuya will not be complete without his favorite Crispy Pata.  I love the mango salad on the side!

The Crab Omelette with Vegetable Rolls is my favorite last night. I think I was the one who ate most of it! But I think the veggie rolls are too oily for me.

Spicy Boneless Tuyo in Olive Oil with Egg on the side. Good!

Last to be served is the Sinigang Hipon. Too bad my shot of the dish can't give justice to how great the broth tastes! Comfort food it is!

And now for the desserts:

Guinomis. The coconut milk mixed with pinipig, sago, gulaman, sugary syrup and crushed ice is a refreshing alternative to Halo Halo.

Halo Halo with Ube Ice Cream. I ate too much of it, and my throat hurts afterwards!

Mais con Hielo.

Wahvu's never ending Mango Shake. I'm not surprised he wanted to order a tall glass again, for when I tasted it, it's just so heavenly! Yummy.

Puto Bumbong with Niyog and Muscovado. I was too stuffed for this last night and now I regret not even tasting it. But they say it's very, very good.

I will definitely go back here anytime with my family again. Good service and great food!

Restaurant Type: Cafe & Oyster Bar Express

Unit A215 Level 2, 
Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Tel. No. 709-3005/709-3006

Cafe Via Mare Facebook Page

Via Mare Website

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