Saturday, July 21, 2012

July is Nutrition Month

July is a busy month for us in Wahvu's school. It is the celebration of Nutrition Month, and every week they have different activities scheduled for each day for all the students to participate in.

One of these activities included Vegetable Clay Making.

I was very surprised to see this in Wahvu's bag! Honestly I thought these are not his, and  it embarrassed me to realize that I underestimated our son's talent. Whew!

Very nice indeed! (That's proud momma speaking here)

Wahvu said this is his portrait and he's kicking a soccer ball here.

Teacher Ruby wrote Wahvu's name (Louis Juan is his real name) here, as this is his entry to the Vegetable Clay Making.

Wahvu's work for the Vegetable Face Making.

Looking forward to the end of the month for the Awarding and Vegetable Costume Parade Contest, where Wahvu is a participant too!

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