Saturday, July 28, 2012

Corn Costume

Wahvu was chosen to represent his class for the Vegetable Costume Parade Contest in celebration of the Nutrition Month. This is his first time to join a contest such as this, as knowing his temperament, Wahvu has no patience or tolerance with standing too long and wearing hats or anything on his head. I can just imagine how he would act on the contest day.

Honestly, I really wanted to decline his adviser's offer but Wahvu insisted that he will compete and get an award. Seeing the fiery determination in my son's eyes was enough to get me going into competition as well!

He originally wanted to wear an onion costume (one of his favorite vegetables -- he will eat any dish as long as it has onions), but as per teacher's instructions, he will be joining as a corn. Good thing corn is his favorite too, and this made Wahvu more excited!

I searched online for ideas on how to make a corn costume but there's very little data about it. 

Or maybe it's just sweet luck that I found nothing. Time for me and my husband to get crafty and creative for Wahvu's sake.

The materials we will use:

These are the styrofoams we bought from National Bookstore. Hubby cut these in half and then into smaller sizes to be used as corn kernels. Costs less than 20 pesos per cylinder.

The yellow cloth is for wrapping the corn kernels. It costs 30 pesos per yard.

For the head gear: an old bonnet, and a small coil of yellow plastic rope (also called as straw ropes) that costs 16 pesos.

The corn husks. My mother, who knows a lot about sewing, sewed the green cloths together, and even made arm holes on it.

We used chip board under the cloth to make the husks sturdy.

The pattern for the husks.

Hopefully Wahvu will get an award on the contest day!

* UPDATE:  To see the finished corn costume, please click here.

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