Thursday, December 6, 2012

American Loaf Bread

Thank you God for your never ending blessings! 

Let me share with you this simple gift we received from one of our neighbors. Simple, yet something that we should not take for granted and always be thankful for. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

We live beside the Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters' Convent, and they also run a school for Kindergarten students. It's been 27 years and the nuns/sisters here have always been very nice to us. They also include our family in their prayers when we ask for prayer requests.

Today they gave us a huge loaf of American Bread. They said this is in return for all the vegetables they got for free (from my mother's garden)!

I've always wanted to bake something like this, but never had the time.

I hope you can feel the good vibes I'm feeling right now! Ain't it the best when everyone is generous and kind to each other?

Happy good vibes to everyone!