Friday, November 9, 2012

What's In Mom's Bag Thursday Blog Hop!

I'm joining Mr. Jacob's Mom's What's In Mom's Bag Thursday Blog Hop! and I hope you will join in the fun of going through your bag too!

When I became a mom 6 years ago, I have learned that a mommy's bag will never be big enough. I just can't leave the house without all these essentials in my bag! I guess I got used to organizing my child's entire stuff inside his diaper bag, which, by the way, became also my bag for more than two years. 

Then I went back to work 4 years ago and had to commute every day. I was so delighted when my husband bought me a very large vinyl bag from one of the Christmas bazaars we went to. My co-workers always teased me that I look like I have my house inside my bag because of its bulkiness and heaviness. I didn't care; I liked my big, roomy and waterproof bag that I can just haul around anytime, That is, well, until the straps got broken and hubby gave me a better big bag on our 4th anniversary!

This is how the inside of my bag looks like before I took everything out. It looks messy right?

And this is after I cleaned out the paid bills, receipts, and all kinds of tissues/napkins I’ve collected from different places we’ve been to.

1. My almost 4 year-old Ralph Lauren bag from hubby
2. My leather cellphone case with my BB phone from hubby
3. An eco bag (that you can fold) from my sister-in-law Racquel
4. Car keys, house keys, and duplicate car keys (I am also paranoid that I might leave the car keys inside the locked vehicle)
5. Notepad and pen, plus a candy or two sometimes 
6. Wahvu's Hotwheels (to entertain him), a lavender spray to calm down Wahvu when he gets too hyper (gift from my sister Jean), alcohol spray, and toy whistle + flashlight (both for emergency)
7. Prayer book, rosary, St. Benedict Medallion, Miraculous Medal of Mama Mary
8. Leather coin purse and Liz Claiborne wallet from my sister Jean (I have too much stuff here too!)
9. Wet tissues and some napkins from food take outs
10. Bamboo fan and blotting papers (to keep me fresh, LOL!)

And ohI have this bag organizer (Pockets) that hubby gave me, but honestly, with all my things stuffed inside, I still go crazy whenever I go through it!

I use the Pockets to store my lipsticks and kikay stuff, medicines, first aid kit, calling cards, and also for placing hubby's cellphones when he's with me.

I don't think you can find a bag that can be messier than mine! I still have another bag (will all the essentials) in the car that I have to check soon. ☺

Care to share what's inside your bag?


  1. Judging the contents, your bag doesn't look heavy even though you put a lot in there.

    In my case, since my baby turned 6 months, I have decided to bring two bags with me whenever out for a walk or pedia appointment. One is her diaper bag that stores her essentials, while the other one is my bag that contains a wallet, lipbalm, phone and some papers.

    1. Hi Amor! Thanks for the visit :)

      My bag tends to get heavy when my kid puts some of his stuff there (I also forgot to include my camera as I used it to take the pictures), plus my coin purse is really packed -- adding more to the weight! :D

  2. Welcome to the hop, Mommy! That's a sturdy bag you got there and it still looks in good condition. Bag organizers never worked for me even though their purpose is really great. I'm like you who brings a big bag with what looks like her whole house! I want to be prepared for anything! Kaya some bag organizers are just too small for my liking. I'm planning on getting a Beabi diaper bag which looked great considering I really want a big bag as a diaper bag so I can carry a lot of things.

    Most of the time kasi may mga overflow from the diaper bag sa bag ko mismo. I'd like to carry small bags rin so I can chase after my son!

    1. Hi Roxi! I used to share Wahvu's diaper bag but now he's the one asking me to keep his teddy bear, psp, food, and more toys in my bag LOL. Thank goodness my bag has good quality even it's quite old now.

  3. LOL OMG! If we can fit the whole house into our bag we would do so, won't we??

  4. When I used to bring my own bag, it's messier than yours LOL! I love your bag organizer, I hope it would work for me. Where did you buy yours?

  5. Hi Nova! Hubby bought it from his former officemate, who owns ByPockets. This is the fb page:, and here's the website

  6. I never used a bag organizer. Yours look nice because of its color but yeah, medyo nakakalito pa din esp. if the pockets are already filled. Hayyy! :)

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  10. I can honestly relate to your bag! LOL. I'll do this in my blog this month. :)


  11. I can honestly relate to your bag! LOL. I'll do this in my blog this month. :)