Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LEGO Ferrari Collection From Shell (Philippines)

Finally Wahvu got two Lego Ferrari toys from Shell after two weeks of collecting receipts! And we still have four more cars and a team of Lego Minifigures to collect before the promo ends on November 30, 2012!

This is the packaging.

The size of the Lego car is just about the same as Wahvu's hand.

To avail of this offer, you need to gas up with P1,500 (single or accumulated purchase) worth  of Gasoline or Diesel from your favorite Shell station. 

Present the Original Receipt (OR) and you can purchase the  Lego collection! Click here for the promo mechanics. 

If you find this promo too expensive, you can still build your Lego virtually! Click here to start building.

Below is the TVC of the promotion in Singapore.

Need to find out more about it? Visit the Shell website here. 

Hurry, you only have 24 days left to collect your Lego Ferrari Collection from Shell!


  1. If my toddler's a boy, for sure our daddy will avail this one.

    SO Wahvu has 4 cars to go na lang...

  2. Hi Nova, I think it's an expensive toy. But my hubby thinks it's worth it because it's Lego. Just a tip, be friendly with the crew and the gas boys :) They're sure to be a big help in collecting those receipts!

  3. Surprisingly, LEGO is not so expensive here. I was surprised myself. It must be the taxes in the Philippines.

    1. Wow! I wish I'm there in your country, I'll buy lots of Lego Stuff for my kid :D

  4. Aww man. I've been wanting to get Jacob one of those Lego collection. Both of his favorite things: Legos and cars! We should've gassed up at Shell when we went out of town. Sayang ang receipt! :( I'll tell our driver to go to shell na lang to one station so we can collect receipts.

    1. Hi Roxi! Sige try to collect it's until the end of November pa naman :)

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